Despite helping people successfully get to their natural weight for years using evidence based strategies, mindful eating practices and more, I was stuck in the dieting circle myself.

Perfectionism took over me and I wanted to achieve an impossible weight goal just to earn that gold star.

I lost the weight, didn't get the gold star, gained it some.

Perhaps you can relate?

After struggling to go back to my goal weight (many times) I decided to leave the circle of dieting completely. It stopped being fun. It became its own problem.

I decided to re-learn the innate wisdom and skills we were given from day one around food and eating.

Follow me as I navigate the journey of intuitive eating... to my body natural weight... without dieting ever again.

Perhaps you want to do the same?

I'm humbled by the simplicity of it, and the challenges it brings. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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